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Teen receives recognition for helping save classmate

HEBER — Last month a 14-year-old girl landed in a coma after binge drinking with an adult. Now, that man is in jail and the boy who called 911 is telling his side of the story.

Isaac Cox said he was headed home from shop class at Wasatch High school last April when he saw two classmates acting odd.

“They were stumbling around, slurring their words, acting really stupid,” Cox said.

It was three o’clock, just after school let out. Isaac said he realized the teens had been drinking and one of them wasn’t taking it well.

“I call 911 after she fell down and hit her head pretty good.”

Isaac stayed with the two girls until paramedics arrived. Several days later the girl pulled out of her coma and has since made a full recovery. As for Isaac, he’ll be recognized for his heroic effort today at the Heber City Building.