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Honor for Gobert, snub for Hayward

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SALT LAKE CITY — Not making an all-NBA team could improve the chances that Gordon Hayward will stay with the Utah Jazz.

Teammate Rudy Gobert was chosen for the all-NBA 2nd team, which is voted on by a panel of sportscasters and writers. But Hayward was not selected to any of the 3 teams, and that means he can’t sign for the super max this year. That means he loses out on about $32 million if he stays in Utah, But it also means he can still make around $45 million more than what any other team can offer.

Some say if it comes down to money, it makes sense for Hayward to sign again with the Jazz. But others say the super max would have kept him here for sure, and other factors could go into a decision to leave this summer.

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