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Days before graduation, Mapleton senior killed in car accident

MAPLETON — Just a few days before graduation, a Maple Mountain senior was killed Monday night in a car accident.

Police say the seventeen-year-old was thrown from an SUV when the teenage driver of a Mazda ran a stop sign and slammed into the vehicle.

Nebo district spokesperson Lana Hiskey said the local high school was hit hard by the sudden loss of a student.

“Instead of jubilation for graduation, it was a very somber mood here at Maple Mountain high school,” Hiskey said.

The woman is also a friend of Kathryn Shaw’s family and read a letter from the family to the recently departed teen: “You graduate this life with high honors. May we all be our best and do the same.”

She said the family is still in shock, but urges the rest of the student body to enjoy graduation, knowing Shaw would want them to.

You can hear more in the audio story below: