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Lions and tigers and BEARS! (Polar bears)

Utah is getting two new polar bears..  Nora will arrive this fall from the Oregon zoo and Hope comes from Toledo.  Nora gained fame earlier this year when she was caught on video frolicking in the snow.  Her first taste of the white stuff her species lives in.

Hogle Zoo spokesperson Erica Hansen tells Nora’s troubled start in life.  Her mother ignored her, so she was raised by humans and then sent to Oregon zoo where an older male polar bear was tapped to teach her polar bear behavior.  The male bear died shortly after Nora arrived.  So, humans took over her care again.

Hope and Nora will live at the zoo’s Rocky Shore’s enclosure which has been devoid of polar bears since April 9th, 2017 when the beloved Rizzo passed away at 19 years of age.