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North Summit high school students add service dog to yearbook


COALVILLE — She’s a little furrier than your average high school grad. Katie, the dog, Blonquist made it into the North Summit High School yearbook after her owner says she became just another student.

“Everybody knows Katie. Everybody takes pictures with her, selfies, puts her on snapchat. Everybody knows she does a lot.” Hailee Blonquist told KSL.

Katie is a recent part of Hailee’s family. The junior was diagnosed with type one diabetes two years ago. In the first 12 months her mother says Hailee struggled through a series of seizures because she struggled to keep her blood sugar under control. Katie solved that problem. She follows Hailee everywhere, letting her know anytime the girl’s blood sugar rises or falls to scary levels.


Shalso helps the school in other ways. “She helped decorate at prom. She would hold extension cords and duct tape rolls and all the tools for the guys when they were putting the stage together.” Hailee said, adding that Katie brings a lot of joy to the North Summit halls.



To give back, this year the senior class voted to add Katie into the yearbook.

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