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Family credits teen with saving house from kitchen fire

Mckenzie Wright cooks with her mother. Photo credit: Ashley Moser

WEST VALLEY — A teen’s quick thinking kept a small kitchen fire from decimating a house last week.

Late Friday night, 13-year-old Mackenzie Wright says she woke up to the smell of smoke.

“I couldn’t breathe at first then I thought it was a dream so I went back to bed,” Wright said. “Then I woke up again and I realized this isn’t a dream.”

She woke up her mother and the pair ran to the kitchen, finding a pan of rice in flames.

“The pan was just on fire. I turned on the water and she grabbed the pan and put it in there,” Wright said.

It turns out a roommate fell alseep while making dinner. The flames produced so much smoke Wright’s family says surveillance cameras outside the home caught video of the vapor pouring out of the home’s windows. No one was hurt, but Wright joked in the future it would safer if their family’s exhausted cooks just order take out.