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Police search for man using cloned debit cards to withdraw cash from ATMs

Photo Credit: Weber County Sheriff's Office

WEBER COUNTY – Police are trying to track down a man spotted near several banks and convenience stores reportedly stealing money from bank accounts.

Investigators started getting calls on the 20th of May, as people told them money had been taken from their accounts.  Officers noticed one man was spotted by several ATM cameras, making withdrawals.

Weber County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Nate Hutchinson says the thief is quite tech savvy, using cloned debit and credit cards to steal the money.

He says, “They’re able to put [banking] information on a magnetic strip so it appears to the ATM machine that it’s the actual card.”

Hutchinson says they’re still adding up how much money was taken, but it’s in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Plus, there could be more victims who don’t know they’ve been hit.

Hutchinson says, “Until you check your bank account, you may not even realize you’re a victim.”

The suspect is described as an African-American man with facial hair and a buzzed haircut.  Anyone who recognizes this man is being asked to call the Weber County Sheriff’s Office.