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Granite High alumni working to save legacy items

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SOUTH SALT LAKE — Alumni of Granite High School are still trying to save at least parts of the building before it comes down.

Merili Carter, project manager with the Utah Arts Alliance and communications coordinator with the Granite High Alumni Association, says she was encouraged by how quickly the school was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, even though she knows it doesn’t protect the building from demolition.

“At least let the alumni have that,” she said, “because it’s an honor to be listed.”

Placement on the National Register of Historic Places can qualify a building for federal grants for preservation, and it can also result in tax credits for restoration and retrofitting costs. However, the owner of the building still has the rights any owner of any property has – including the right to demolish.

Friday is the deadline for demolition crews to designate which items they want to be salvaged from the buildings.

Carter would like to see several things protected, including the facades.

“There are lions, and it’s beautiful,” she says.

Carter says the school district and the city are talking about taking part of the floor, the Granite High medallions, and similar items to be preserved.