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Potential foster parents have information stolen, DCFS apologizes

SALT LAKE CITY – One Sugarhouse couple, who doesn’t want to be identified, has been going through the process of becoming foster parents, submitting all of the needed personal information.  But, this week, they got an unexpected call from Division of Child and Family Services workers.  The husband says the worker told him, “We have some really bad news.  It’s about your background check information.”

He was told files containing his application were stolen from a DCFS employee’s car.  He believes whoever has this information can essentially ruin his family’s life.  “The application had current addresses, previous addresses, signatures, social security [numbers], drivers licenses, birthdates… they have everything.”

Officials with DCFS are offering five years of credit monitoring and credit protection, but, he feels it’s not enough.  His wife isn’t sure if she wants to go through the process of being a foster parent, any more.  She says, “If this happens at the beginning, what else is going to happen?”

In all, 16 individuals had their personal information taken.  The employee was reportedly not following protocol by leaving the files in her car. Division Spokesperson Ashley Sumner says, “Our protocol is that personally identifiable information, sensitive information like that will never leave your person.

Sumner says she’s not at liberty to say what will happen with the employee.  Officials with the division’s human resources team are discussing what disciplinary action the worker will face.