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Dangerously hot temperatures force graduation ceremony to move indoors

Photo: Tom Sherwood, Jordan High School

SANDY — Scorching temperatures on the Jordan High School football field forced administrators to move tomorrow’s graduation indoors, and the kids don’t like it.

Principal Tom Sherwood said several of the students were complaining about the heat at graduation practice today. He checked the field temperature with a heat gun when it was about 79 degrees outside, the artificial turf registered at 161 degrees.

Tomorrow is expected to be even warmer.

“We’ve done graduation outside twice in the last three years, and neither time was it anywhere near that warm in the evenings,” Sherwood said. “We just felt like the heat was too big a risk to put people in the stands and students on the field. We needed to go to our back up plan.”

Their back up plan is the Maverick Center, on 3200 south and Decker Lake Drive. Sherwood says it was a let down for some students who wanted to graduate on their own campus, but it was the best decision for the school.

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