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Police say man’s father helped him “own up” after crashing


SOUTH SALT LAKE — A car crashed into a home’s attached garage early Wednesday morning, and police say it was a man who was high on drugs.

Officers say his father took him back to the scene.

A light pole, stop sign pole and street sign are knocked over, a tree smashed, a bush knocked over, and the corner of the garage is crumbled in from the impact near 300 East Park Creeke Lane.


South Salt Lake police say the driver is from West Jordan, and he took his father’s van without permission and was high on meth when he crashed.

They say he called his father from a store to come pick him up, and the father took him back to the scene and told him to own up to what he did.

The homeowner says she felt the car hit her home but thought it was an earthquake.


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