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Pres. Trump meets with top UDOT leader to discuss road project delays

WASHINGTON D.C. – President Trump met with a small group of transportation officials from across the country as they focused on why it takes so long to get some road and pipeline projects done.  Utah Department of Transportation’s Executive Director, Carlos Braceras, was one of those transportation officials.

When asked to describe a project that has been delayed for a long time, Braceras told President Trump that in 2008 the BLM was asked to find a viable traffic corridor through a desert tortoise preserve in Washington County. The goal was to ease traffic problems in downtown St. George.  Braceras says, “The BLM has yet to do that.”

One major problem, according to Braceras, is that DOTs will frequently have to deal with other federal agencies, which will sometimes oppose any kind of construction through their property.  “There are many different agencies, all with their own regulations,” he says.  “Those different agencies don’t really have any ownership in making the project be successful.”

Braceras suggests the creation of an outside office which could help speed up a decision making process when two groups are at an impasse.  Braceras says, “He thought that was a fair idea.  He seems to be wanting to create an office, a central office, I’m getting a sense.”

Transportation officials in Georgia also spoke with President Trump.  They mentioned how over 100 projects had to be shut down after a federally protected bat flew over state lines.

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