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Wrong-way driving crash caught on dash camera

SALT LAKE CITY — A wrong-way driver on the I-215 west-side belt slammed head on into another car four days ago, then took off. The whole thing was caught on the victim’s dash camera.

The video shows headlights as the pick up truck bears down on the two passenger cars. The truck hits hard, spinning one car into another. You can hear screaming throughout as the driver tries to regain control. Thankfully, the Utah Highway Patrol said no one was seriously hurt.

“I’m pretty lucky right now to be in one piece and be able to sit here right now,” said Sunny Malik, owner of the dash camera.

UHP said the wrong-way driver abandoned the pickup a short distance away. They are still searching for the driver.

“I just want him off the roads. I know I was really lucky to survive the incident but I don’t want him terrorizing someone else, or someone else’s family. You know?” Malik said.

Learn more in the audio story below:

Dash-cam video: