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Legislators meet to discuss impact of controversial DUI bill

Photo: Shutterstock

SALT LAKE CITY — Today legislators will meet to hear about the impact of the controversial DUI bill that lowered the legal drinking and driving limit from .08 to .05.

Katilin Eskelson, with the Utah Tourism Industry Association, is one of several experts expected to testify before the Transportation Interim Committee at 1:15. She says it’s too early to see the dollar impact on the state, but recent surveys show Utah has been voted last for nightlife in the surrounding states.

“It kind of goes in the opposite direction of everything we’re trying to push,” Eskelson said.

She said she’s worried legislators didn’t fully consider the harm this bill might have on our state’s reputation.

“We just want everyone to be really educated about it because the bill passed pretty quickly.” Eskelson said.

She isn’t the only one with concerns. Melva Sine, with the Utah Restaurant Association, said she’s worried this has encouraged people to stay in and dine at home instead of stepping out to enjoy what Utah’s restaurants have to offer. You can hear their testimonies along with public comment at the meeting this afternoon.