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Heat causing road problems, UDOT hopes public can help

SALT LAKE COUNTY – Sweltering heat has UDOT officials concerned for potential road buckling.  They want the public to help them find potential problem areas.

Over the course of the life of the road, small rocks and other pieces of debris can fall into the joints between the panels crews pave over.  This can become a problem in the summer when the heat makes asphalt and pavement expand.  John Gleason with UDOT says, “Eventually, when the road expands, there are sections, usually in older pavement, where it doesn’t have anywhere to go, anymore, other than up.”

Just like how potholes can become larger, so can road buckling.  “These type of things can develop rapidly and, if left untreated, they can continue to grow,” Gleason adds.

The department is hoping people will keep their eyes peeled for these problem spots, then report them through their “Click and Fix” app.  He says people can report other issues, too. “Whether it’s light being out or a pothole or anything that you want our crews to know about so that we can get out there and repair it,” Gleason says.