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Utah man sues Ogden police officer for arrest that broke ribs

OGDEN — A Weber County inmate is suing an Ogden police officer after he broke three ribs during an arrest in April.

In the suit Guy Gailey admits he ignored commands from an officer while riding his bike. When that officer called for back up Gailey said he got off his bike and laid on the ground with his arms and legs out to his sides. That’s when Gailey claims Officer Rylee Marble jumped on his back, driving a knee into his ribs.

“There was no reason to use force in this manner at all. He’d given himself up and was trying to surrender,” Bob Sykes, Gailey’s attorney, said. “We think there was some bad blood between Officer Marble and Guy because of prior run-ins.”

Sykes claims Gailey is now saddled with a 30 thousand dollar medical bill after he was admitted to a hospital with three broken ribs and a punctured lung. The two are suing Marble for medical costs, damages and more.

Ogden City’s attorney told KSL they conducted an internal review and are confident the officer acted as he should.