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Nicotine pouches concerning to Utah health officials

zyn pic 2

SALT LAKE CITY — A new product is being sold in Utah that offers a different way to consume nicotine, and health advocates are concerned.

Watching a TV ad for Zyn products with Utah Tobacco Prevention and Control Program media liaison Brittany Karzen and she points out some important things:

“While it might not have the health effects that a traditional tobacco product does, it has the effect on the brain, which is as big of a concern for us,” she said.

Zyn and other brands are nicotine pouches you stick in your mouth, marketed with many flavors.

“Anything that has nicotine in it is bad for kids and their developing brain,” said Karzen.

She says parents can use techniques from to help them talk to their kids and teens about this.

And adults seeking help quitting smoking can find better ways than these pouches at