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Scare for former BYU basketball player in Hawaii

shoff hospital pic

HONOLULU, Hawaii — A former BYU standout is recovering after a scary run-in with wasps in Paradise.

Jake Shoff was on vacation with his wife and 3 young boys in Hawaii. They were kayaking on a river when his kayak knocked into a wasps’ nest, and he was stung multiple times.

His wife, Emily Criddle Shoff, wrote on Facebook that he fell into the water and started seizing and not breathing, but miracles and prayer kept him alive.

Two women kayaking by jumped in, grabbed the big man and kept him afloat. They slapped him and shook him to keep him breathing.  Passersby helped the ambulance find the right spot.

Emily says Jake was given adrenaline at the hospital and that brought him back within 30 seconds. They did not know he was allergic to wasps before now.

His brother-in-law is BYU football cornerback Ben Criddle, who has been sharing what happened on Twitter.

shoff tweets pic

The latest pictures shared by the family show Jake smiling in his hospital bed, and standing with the two women who helped save him.