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Man arrested for making threats with scythe

OGDEN – A man is booked for aggravated assault after bringing a bizarre weapon into a convenience store and threatening to kill a clerk.

Ogden investigators say the suspect, Michael Just, has a bad history with the Maverik on Washington Boulevard near 7th Street.  The staff had told him that he wasn’t welcome back.  Police Lieutenant Tim Scott says he went into the store early Tuesday morning, and he was told, once again, to leave.  “He made some inappropriate comments towards her… threatening type comments.  She reminded him he wasn’t allowed in the store.”

Scott says Just came back with a nearly six-foot-tall scythe with a nearly three-foot-long blade.  “We generally don’t see someone with a full-sized Grim Reaper type scythe walking around, let alone threatening someone in a public place like that,” Scott says.

The clerk locked herself in an office and called police.  Scott says Just damaged a parked car with the scythe as he was leaving.  Police and Swat teams surrounded Just’s home and he surrendered a few hours after that.

Scott says they’re still trying to figure out why Just came back and made the threats.  He says, “We don’t know if this is a mental health issue, a drug-induced mental health issue or just a plain criminal act without those involvements.”