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Other candidates in 3rd District race promise more positive campaigns

Provo resident MacCene Grimmett has cast a ballot every single election since she’s been old enough to vote — and that’s quite a few elections.

SALT LAKE CITY — Some candidates in the special third district congressional race say they’re going to stick to positive messages while the Republicans tear each other apart.

With all the ads in the third district GOP primary race, you may forget there’s also a vote in November between the Republican who emerges from the August 15 primary, and the Democrat, Libertarian, Constitution Party, United Utah Party and other candidates.

Libertarian candidate Dr. Joe Buchman told the Doug Wright Show on Wednesday that words matter.

“It’s really what we learned in kindergarten — don’t hit others, don’t take their stuff. Would this fly with your Scoutmaster?” he said.

Democrat Dr. Kathryn Allen told the Deseret News that she would like to start talking about solutions and not character assassination.

United Utah Party candidate Jim Bennett says his pitch is problem-solving, though he did say he will attack bad policies.