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Another weekend of construction delays on I-215

SALT LAKE COUNTY – It’s going to be another weekend with plenty of orange construction barrels all over I-215.  Officials with UDOT say drivers on both sides of the freeway will feel an impact.

Officials with UDOT say the most extreme delays will be felt on I-215’s east side near 6200 South.  Spokesman John Gleason says, “We’re going to be down in one lane in both directions due to a bridge project that we’ve been working on.  We’re putting down the final weatherproof coating this weekend.”

The west side of the freeway will be hit with restrictions, too.  They’re shifting all northbound lanes between 4700 South and U-201 over the far right side of the freeway. Gleason says anyone who frequently drives this section of I-215 will not be used to what they’ll see on Monday.  “The thing that people are going to notice is that the exit locations are going to slightly change.  You really do want to pay attention to those signs and make sure you stay focused in the work zone.”

The I-80 project at the Foothill offramp could wrap up the week of Labor Day. Sadly, that means there could be very heavy delays for anyone going to the University of Utah for the first two weeks of the semester.