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One dead, five hurt in head-on crash at Bonneville Salt Flats

WENDOVER — One man died, five other people were hurt when a van and a pick-up truck collided on the Bonneville Salt Flats. It happened during the Bonneville Speedway’s annual Speed Week, but did not involve cars that were racing.

Race Manager Pat McDowell said it happened at about 8:30 Wednesday morning in an area between the gate and the pits. It was east of an area that had been coned off for a roadway leading to the exit. McDowell said there were no witnesses, but that emergency crews on stand-by for the races responded to help.

The victims were part of support teams for some of the racers. “Shook me up. It probably shook everyone here up,” said McDowell. “Just a horrific thing to happen.”

The Tooele County Sheriff’s office is investigating, but deputies say it appears one vehicle veered, for some reason, in front of the other.

There are few road markings in the area and the posted speed limit if 55mph.