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Dish Soap, Ropes Aid in 12-hour Slot Canyon Rescue

GREEN RIVER, EMERY COUNTY – Rescuers used dish soap and ropes to save a woman after being wedged for nearly 12-hours in Zero Gravity Canyon in the San Rafael Desert. Emery County Sherriff Spokesperson Janna-Lee Luke says Lindsey Hargrave, of West Jordan, was hiking with her husband when she slipped.

Search and Rescue crews tried to pull her free by hooking ropes to her harness. When that didn’t work one search and rescue crew member went in head first. He was suspended for seven hours. Another rescuer tried pushing her up from below.

Crews were able to finally rock her in a “seesaw motion” and use about a gallon of dish soap, along with ropes, to get her out. Luke says Hargrave was suffering the effects of suspension trauma and complete exhaustion when she was freed but was still in good spirits.

Hargrave is recovering in a Provo hospital. The Emery County Sheriff’s Office posted these photos of the rescue.