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Man dead after SWAT standoff in Millcreek

MILLCREEK – A man is dead after a standoff with SWAT officers that lasted several hours.

Police were called to the home on 3368 Crestwood Drive at around 3:30 a.m. by a woman who claimed her husband had attacked her.  “She says she was assaulted by her husband and that he produced a weapon and threatened her with it, also,” according to Unified Police Lieutenant Brian Lohrke.

The man has been identified as 58 year-old Randy Davis.  Lohrke says his wife was able to get out of the house with just a black eye.  The SWAT officers arrived at nearly 7:30 after Lohrke says, “He had made some suicidal and some homicidal threats, also.  He was making some threats to the immediate public, here.  That’s why we stayed on scene.  We didn’t feel it was safe for us to leave, at that point.”

Just a few minutes before the eclipse was in totality, roughly 11:20, officers heard what they believe was a muffled gun shot.  Crews sent in a robot to clear the scene, and that’s when they made the grisly discovery. “They found the 58 year-old male with a gunshot wound in the master bedroom.  It appeared to be self-inflicted,” Lohrke says.

Before Davis reportedly took his own life, crews used bullhorns and other methods to speak with him, but, Lohrke says those methods of communication broke down.  “It’s a sad situation.  Not the ending that we wanted.  We attempted communications with this man for as long as we could.”