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Repeated robberies at popular food truck distribution center

TAYLORSVILLE – The owners of a popular food truck and restaurant chain are growing more and more frustrated.  They say their main distribution center has been broken into three times in the last year, plus, other unsuccessful break-in attempts were made.

The first break-in at the CupBop distribution center on 5400 South happened less than a year ago.  Yeiri Kim says the thieves got away with camera equipment, and, “They broke into our office and took our entire safe box,” Kim says.  That safe happened to be stuffed with cash.  She adds, “There was over $30 thousand because the night before was one of our busiest days ever.  We couldn’t deposit it because it was so late at night.”

Thieves have also taken generators and iPads in the past.  Just over a week ago, Kim says thieves returned and took cash bags.  She isn’t completely sure that all of the burglaries were committed by the same people, but, she has reason to believe that they were.  “They, exactly, knew where to go.  So, we’re assuming they must be the same people,” Kim says.

Since being first hit, Kim says they’ve changed policies on where they store cash, plus they’ve made upgrades to their security system.  Sher states, “If [the thieves] don’t want to give up, we’ll never give up.  We’ll just put more security systems and we’ll just try to work with the police more carefully.”

They’ve been told it might be a good idea for them to leave the area near 5400 South and 3200 West, but, Kim says they don’t want to.  That distribution center is where their business grew from, and it holds a lot of sentimental value for the owners.