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Woods Cross company overwhelmed with donations for Houston

WOODS CROSS – A company trying to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey is overwhelmed with donations.  They’re also inspiring other companies to join in their efforts.

The staff at DieselSellerz in Woods Cross started taking donations yesterday and had planned to keep accepting them until nine this morning.  However, Hans Peterson with DieselSellerz says they got far more donations than they expected.  “We sent one semi of just water down there.  We’ve got palettes of horse food and dog food,” he says, adding they also got clothes, sleeping bags, toiletries and diapers they’re taking to Texas.

Peterson says companies from outside of Utah heard about their efforts, and decide to donate what they could.  “There was a company out of California that actually called up and said, ‘Do you have a Sam’s Club there?’ We said yes and they said, ‘OK, I’m going to set aside two palettes of water for you guys,’” he says.

With such a large number of donations, they were concerned about how they would bring them to people who need them, but, Peterson says, “Godfrey Trucking got involved.  They’re taking a truck down for us which is already loaded on its way down there.  Ralph Smith Trucking, out of Woods Cross, as well are donating two trucks and trailers.”

Along with the supplies, Peterson says their company is also bringing track vehicles and monster trucks that can get into water-logged areas other vehicles can’t.