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Large DUI enforcement will be out this weekend

SALT LAKE COUNTY – This weekend marks the end of what is known as Utah’s “100 Deadliest Days” on the roads.  The Utah Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies all over the state are trying to prevent this holiday weekend from becoming deadly.

The first night of this DUI enforcement will focus around the Wasatch Front and will be centralized in Salt Lake County.  However, UHP Colonel Michael Rapich says several police agencies will keep the effort going through Labor Day.  “Friday night’s the kickoff of the weekend.  We’re going to have a lot of troopers out specifically making sure that people aren’t drinking and driving.  If they are, we’re going to have an opportunity to meet them and make sure they don’t hurt anybody,” he says, adding, “There are going to be an additional 200 police officers out this weekend specifically on DUI enforcement.”  Highway Patrol will be conducting 80 of those shifts.

The number of people killed in fatal crashes this summer is slightly down compared to last year, but, Rapich says the number is still too high.  “As of Monday, this year there have been 78 fatalities involving traffic collision on Utah’s roadways during that 100 day period,” Rapich says.

Rapich is also reminding people they can be arrested for DUI even if their blood-alcohol level is below the legal limit.  He’s asking people to designate drivers or call a cab if they plan on drinking.  “Have a way to get home that doesn’t involve you driving if you’re consuming alcohol.”