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Teacher on leave after controversial survey

ROY – Heather Danks-Miller remembers her daughter being upset after doing a survey for her Adult Roles and Financial Literacy class.  She says the questions were far too personal.  “Have you ever had an abortion?  Have you ever had more than one abortion?  Have you had unprotected sex?”  The survey continued to ask about past drug use.  She adds, “Have you ever smoked pot?  Have you ever tried angel dust?”

She says other students were told to fill out the survey after school officials told her it would be removed.  She was also expecting her daughter to get some sort of an apology from the teacher, but, that didn’t happen. “You’re asking these people to basically incriminate themselves and turn the paper in.  I was just appalled.”

District officials say the questionnaire has been taken down, but, they’re trying to determine why it was posted on the district’s portal and how long it may have been used.  However, they admit the survey was a problem.  “Given the contents of that survey, it is inappropriate.  We’ve looked at it.  It’s unacceptable that it ended up in the classroom,” according to Weber School District Spokesman Lane Findlay.  He adds that there are state laws and district policies that prohibit teachers from asking students about sexual activity and past drug use.

Findlay is not saying much about the teacher, other than it’s a long-time educator with the district.  He says,  “I don’t believe there was any ill intent or malicious intent on their part.”