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Pilot and driver survive plane crash in Roy

ROY – A small-engine plane pilot crashed onto a busy road in Roy, hitting a car on the way down.  No one was seriously hurt, but, federal investigators will have to figure out why the plane went down.

Firefighters were called to 1900 West near 4500 South around 1:30 in the afternoon.  Police confirm the plane went down shortly after taking off from Ogden-Hinckley Airport.  Roy Police Sergeant Matthew Gwynn says, “When [crews] arrived they found a single-engine aircraft that was on fire in the middle of the road.”  The flames destroyed most of the fuselage.

Witnesses say the plane was flying over apartments to the west of the crash site, but, the pilot pointed the nose of the plane due south, crashing the plane in the median.  Witnesses also say the plane hit a car going south, spinning that vehicle around.  Some bystanders say they could see the wings wobbling, and others say it sounded like the plane was having engine trouble.  However, officials from the FAA and the NTS will have to determine what exactly happened while the plane was in the air.

Gwynn says it’s surprising that the pilot and the driver of the car were not seriously injured.  He adds,  “There was one pilot on board.  He was removed from the plane.  He was transported [to a hospital] as a precaution.  There was also a female driver of the vehicle.  She also appears to be OK, but, she, too, was transported as a precaution.”