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Former students rally behind Roy High School teacher

ROY – A Roy High School teacher who came under fire for handing out a controversial survey to her students is getting a huge showing of support from people she used to teach.

The teacher is being described as energetic, quirky and caring.  Former student James Wood says she helped him get through a rough situation in his life.  “She had honestly been like my second mom.  I could go to her and talk to her about something,” he says.

The survey is part of an “Adult Roles” class at Roy, and asks students questions like if they’ve had unprotected sex, if they’ve had an abortion and if they’ve tried drugs like marijuana and PCP.  District officials say the survey asks questions that are prohibited by state statute, but, Wood remembers taking that same survey, adding he didn’t have to fill out his name, and he didn’t believe it was offensive. He says, “I just went through it and answered it as if it was nothing.  I honestly didn’t answer it truthfully.  Now, all of the sudden, people are saying it’s a big deal.  I still don’t see it as a big deal.”

After hearing about the teacher being placed on leave, former student Kelby Nielsen started planning a rally in her defense.  He says, “It was kind of an anger thing because I felt that she needs to be supported.”  Nielsen says the teacher in question has done a lot of good work to help students during troubling times.  “She’s talked to kids who felt like they were suicidal.  She’s talked to kids when they feel upset about things at home.”

The rally is scheduled for 7:30 Friday night at Roy High School.