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Police: charges coming after human-caused fire in Mapleton

Mapleton Police Facebook page


MAPLETON, Utah — Two men will face trespassing charges after authorities say their truck sparked a brush fire in the foothills near Mapleton.

Mapleton Police Chief John Jackson says the men were driving their truck off road in private property Sunday afternoon when the truck stalled on dry grass.

“There’s a reason why areas are restricted, and people are not supposed to be in them. This is one of those areas people are not supposed to be in,” said Jackson.

The fire spread to 15 acres, but Mapleton and Spanish Fork volunteer fire crews got to it quickly to put it out.

Drone photo credit Trapnelll family via Mapleton Police Facebook page


“We are really lucky with the dry grass it didn’t spread up the rest of that mountain,” he said.

Jackson says it could have been much worse if it hadn’t rained recently.  He says it is a good example of how we are not out of danger yet.