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DWR says Mountain Lion “attack” in Ogden is false

OGDEN — Reports of a mountain lion attack near Ogden Canyon has prompted the Division of Wildlife Resources to remind hikers to use caution while in the back country.

Northern Region Conservation Outreach Manager, Phil Douglass, said they were told Tuesday about a dog that was attacked by a mountain lion near twenty-first street in Ogden, but when they investigated they couldn’t find any evidence of the attack. Douglass said the dog is likely just lost, but that doesn’t mean hikers shouldn’t be careful when they head out on trails.

“We do know there are mountain lions in the area. I myself hike those trails. I have taken pictures of mountain lion tracks within a mile of those trail heads,” Douglass said.

If you find yourself face to face with a cougar, Douglass said the worst thing you can do is turn tail and run. Instead he advises standing up tall, making threatening noises and keeping eye contact. If that cat attacks, Douglass said fight. You might be able to scare it away.