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UDOT makes changes to traffic study after feedback

NORTHERN UTAH – An unpopular study looking at potential traffic impacts on I-15 is coming to an early end.

The Utah Department of Transportation is trying to see how lane usage and traffic safety would be impacted if semis and trucks hauling large trailers were only allowed to travel in one lane.  Spokesman Vic Saunders says, “Conversely, what impacts does it make on the trucking industry and people pulling vehicles?”

So, they restricted these vehicles to the far right side of the freeway in both directions of I-15 between Farr West and Brigham City.  Semi drivers would not be allowed to get out of the right lane, even to pass a slower vehicle.  This did not sit well with long haul drivers.  Saunders says, “We’ve had a variety of interest in it. Truckers, of course, are very upset about it at this point.”

After getting a lot of public feedback, UDOT decided to make a change.  “Instead of restricting all of the trucks into the right lane, they will have the freedom to pull out and pass then move back in,” Saunders says.

The project was initially expected to last for two months.  However, Saunders says they received so much feedback, they decided to end it by Friday, September 22.