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Family searches for men who saved a life on Pineview Reservoir

PINEVIEW RESERVOIR — A Utah family is searching for two men who stepped in to save a life over Labor Day weekend. They want to say thanks.

Jordan and Johnie Medeiros were walking on the shorline when Johnie says her daughter suddenly collapsed and started seizing.

“I didn’t know what to do!” Johnie Medeiros explained as she said she watched her daughter’s skin turn blue and worried the waves would suffocate her.

That’s when two men jumped into action, helping Medeiros pull her daughter on to the beach and then giving CPR until emergency crews arrived.

“I don’t think they realize what they did for me and my family,” Jordan Medeiros said.

Several doctor visits later, and the Medeiros families said they think Jordan has a rare heart condition that usually kills before it’s discovered. Jordan said she’s convinced she’s still alive now because of the two strangers who stepped in when she needed them most.

Now the family is trying to find those men and tell them thanks.