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New safety and sexual assault awareness website at the U of U

The University of Utah has launched a new website completely dedicated to safety on campus. brings together everything in one spot about how to report sexual assault or get help for yourself or someone else or even sign up for bystander intervention training.


“It directly takes you to information that says if you are in immediate and immediate danger, here’s what you do. How do I report something, how do I get information on something,” said Barb Snyder, vice president for student affairs.


It stems from a university-wide effort that came out of a report of a rape on Halloween almost one year ago.


Snyder co-chaired the task force.


“Colleges and universities can become targets for individuals who want to bring harm to others. We know we have to be extremely diligent,” she said.


A sexual assault response page, part of the main safety website, also can be found at

The SafeU website will be accessible on the menu bar at the top of the U’s main homepage.