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Man dead, two officers injured in downtown shooting

Maverik Gas Station at 300 South and 500 East.

SALT LAKE CITY – One man is dead and two officers were taken to a hospital with non life-threatening injuries after an officer-involved shooting.

Police were responding to calls of a trespasser in downtown Salt Lake City. This eventually led to a fight with the suspect before shots were fired which left the man dead at a Maverik gas station on the corner about 300 South and 500 East.

“It’s a popular area, lots of people around,” Salt Lake City police detective Robert Ungricht says. “So there are numerous witnesses that are here that our investigators from West Valley will be talking with.”

Witnesses at the scene say they heard 8 or 9 shots fired in rapid succession, but detectives are still trying to gather more information. The West Valley Police Department will handle the investigation.

Police did not say which business made the call before the shooting.