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Texas residents grateful for “Hope for Houston” donations

ROCKPORT, TEXAS – Very grateful residents of the city of Rockport are calling it a “great day in Texas.”

Long-term residents wanted to thank donors for sending seven semi trucks loaded with lumber, drywall and other construction supplies.

“State assets come in.  Federal assets come in.  But, what’s really neat is when the volunteers come in,” says Judge Burt Mills.

Mills is a sixth-generation resident of the city.  He says it was devastating to see the damage Hurricane Harvey left behind.  The eye of the storm parked over the city for more than half an hour, and over 80 percent of the homes and businesses were either seriously damaged or destroyed.

“It’s going to do so much good.  We have so many people in Aransas County that need this help.  We have people that can’t afford to build their own houses, but, we have a lot of people that need the help you’re supplying,” he says.

He adds that the donations that came in and the service being provided is something Rockport residents won’t forget.  Mills says, “We’ve adopted Utah and the other states… Nevada, Idaho, Arizona… we love all of you.”