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Utah, six other states sign electric vehicle corridor agreement

Utah joined six other states today in formalizing an agreement on establishing an electric vehicle corridor, along some 5,000 miles of freeway.

Governor Gary Herbert signed the agreement while at a meeting of the National Governor’s association. The agreement is set up to help states work together on standards, location and other infrastructure related to installing “Level III” charging stations. Those are stations in which a car can be charged within an hour.

“Hopefully as we coordinate and identify locations, we’re going to be defining places that are easy for people to find.” said Dr. Laura Nelson, Executive Director of the State Office of Energy Development. Nelson, who is the Governor’s energy adviser said she would like to see a station at least every 50-miles within three years.

Right now, Utah has two commercial stations, located at convenience stores in the southern part of the state. It costs roughly $13 for a complete charge. The agreement targets interstates, including I-15, I-80, I-70 and I-84, all of which run through Utah.

Nelson said right now, most people use electric cars to get around town. She and others hope that will change. “There are two parts of it,” she said. “One is getting cars with longer ranges, and two, encouraging people to get those vehicles because they know they can charge them as they go.”