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UDOT turns art project into lesson on plow safety

NORTHERN UTAH – The snow isn’t falling yet, but, UDOT is getting ready for it.  They’re letting high school customize some of their snowplows, which can hopefully teach the students about plow safety.

When you hit the roads on a snowy day this winter, you might see a Yeti.  That’s the design students at Sky View High School painted on the main blade of a UDOT snowplow.  Region One Spokesman Vic Saunders says they wanted to let students see these plows up close and personal, since many new drivers don’t understand how much space a plow needs to operate properly.  Saunders says, “Especially when you have that wing plow hanging on the side.  That can surprise some people at how far that sticks out there.”

(Photo Credit: UDOT)

The plow artwork also has another benefit. Sanders says it may make the blade look larger than it actually is, plus, students will be more inclined to see snowplows.  “When go out on the road, they’ll be looking for the plow they painted,” Saunders says.

Along with Sky View, Northridge and North Summit high schools also painted plows.  Saunders says, “We think, next year, with a little better planning, we can have more schools involved.”