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Screening process changing at Salt Lake International Airport

SALT LAKE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – Screening lines at the airport can sometimes be very long.  New regulations concerning electronic devices may make them slightly longer.  This news doesn’t bother frequent flyers like K.C. Lostetter.  She says, “I usually plan for extra time, so, I’m not strapped for time,” adding, “I’ve traveled internationally where I’ve had to take apart my camera and open up all of my lenses.  It added a bit more time, but, I don’t have anything to hide.”

In the past, travelers had to take their laptops out of their bags to have them screened through the X-ray machine.  However, The TSA will now require everyone to remove all electronic devices larger than a cell phone from their bags for screening.  Spokesperson Lorie Dankers says, “We know through intelligence gathered by our partners around the world that terrorists continue to target aviation and the specific thing they’re looking at is typical consumer items, specifically electronics, to modify.”

This change is already in effect at Salt Lake International and other airports in Utah, Like Cedar City, St. George, Provo and Ogden-Hinckley.  However, airports in other regions may not have implemented this rule change, but, they will.  Dankers says, “There are airports where this is not in place, yet.  They’re in the process of training their employees.”