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Large-scale event connecting homeless to services

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — A large-scale event Friday at the Salt Palace helped connect many of the homeless population with needed services.


Meghan waited a long line marked dental services before it was her turn.


“Do you have teeth pain?” asked a screener. “Yes,” responded Meghan.


It was the main reason she came to the event, that and getting veterinary services for the new kitten she held in her arms.


After a blood pressure check, she was headed to get a hair-cut and a massage.


“I’ve been looking forward to it,” she said. “It’s like Christmas.”


After the hair cut station, photographer David Davis with the Photo Collective offered to take anyone’s picture.

“Not everyone can afford a professional headshot, but this they can take with them and use it for a job application or whatever they need down the road,” said Davis.


Davis says anyone can find a way to volunteer their time or talents and see how human this population can be.


Other busy stations included Salt Lake County Health, Veteran Services and Workforce Services and the Utah Food Bank. Volunteers were there every step of the way.