Amanda Dickson

Amanda Dickson


Amanda Dickson is the co-host of Utah's Morning News and the host of A Woman's View on KSL NewsRadio. You can contact her at

Opinion: The common denominator driving misinformation is fear

The answer, says Amanda Dickson, is fear. She says we cannot let fear, in the guise of misinformation, lead us astray.
3 months ago

The psychology of choking during competition, or any high stress event

One researcher says that the most highly performing people in the world are most susceptible to choking under pressure, or during competition.
4 months ago

Remembering Salt Lake 2002 during the opening ceremony in Beijing

Amanda Dickson remembers the excitement and the hope of Salt Lake 2002, as we prepare for the Beijing 2022 opening ceremony.
4 months ago

Opinion: We have been shirking our duty to end violence

Students and passengers punching teachers and flight attendants are reminders, says KSL NewsRadio's Amanda Dickson, of our duty to end violence.
6 months ago

Opinion: There should be no token Republicans, or tokens in general

Amanda Dickson, co-host of Utah's Morning News and A Woman's View, discusses Meghan McCain's dismay at being a token Republican on The View.
7 months ago

Heart of Utah | Opinion “I haven’t missed out on a thing”

We aired a Heart of Utah report this morning on KSL Newsradio that stayed with me, as powerful stories sometimes do.
8 months ago

Opinion: There should be a memorial for veterans of the War on Terror

Amanda Dickson adds her voice to those who believe a memorial to those who lost their lives in the War on Terror belongs in our nation's capital.
8 months ago

Greg Wrubell on BYU at Allegiant Stadium: “It’s like a big time prize fight!”

KSL Newsradio host Amanda Dickson spoke with BYU announcer Greg Wrubell about Saturday's game and the upcoming rivalry game with Utah.
9 months ago

Opinion: The high-stake musical chairs game of redistricting, explained

Redistricting "affects federal grants. It affects money from the federal and the state. It affects everyone," Sen. Karen Mayne said on A Woman's View.
9 months ago

Opinion: The Deadly Toll of January 6th

Four police officers who defended the US Capitol Building and the people inside on January 6th, 2021  have since died by suicide.
9 months ago

Opinion: I watch the Olympics with my whole body

KSL NewsRadio's Amanda Dickson explains what it is like to watch the Olympics with her whole body, not just her eyes.
10 months ago

Opinion: We must fund before we even think of defunding the police

As crime rates rise and law enforcement officers leave the profession throughout the country, Amanda Dickson believes we must fund the police before we can even start to think about defunding them.
10 months ago

Opinion: Looking at disability differently

Amanda Dickson challenges people to look at disability differently.
10 months ago

Opinion: Open! Open! Open in Washington, D.C.

COVID-19 shut down the Capital's most visited attractions, like museums. But, now, Washington, D.C. is open! And KSL NewsRadio's Amanda Dickson is stoked.
10 months ago

Opinion: We are strong enough to learn our true history

You can be proud of your country while also expressing a desire to learn from the mistakes of history, Amanda Dickson writes in this opinion piece.
11 months ago

Opinion: Coming back to the office after COVID-19 sent me home

After spending more than a year broadcasting from home, Amanda Dickson shares perspective on coming back to the office post COVID-19.
1 year ago

Opinion: Searching for Zero

We've seen and heard so much lately about "net zero" and getting to zero by 2050 in order to prevent the planet's temperature from rising.
1 year ago

Opinion: Look Whoooo Came to KSL today – Ollie the Owl

It's days like today I wish I was back in the studio at KSL because we had quite the special guest stop by. Ollie the Verreaux Eagle Owl
1 year ago

Will COVID-19 vaccinations be required for Utah students?

Will the COVID-19 vaccine ever be added to the list of required vaccinations for Utah students? It's a question the whole nation wants an answer to.
1 year ago

Utah is prepared to handle different types of cyberattacks

Chris Parker, the Director of the Division of Public Utilities for Utah, explained to KSL NewsRadio's Amanda Dickson how the state is protected against cyberattacks.
1 year ago

Opinion: Bring on the ban of menthol cigarettes

Menthol cigarettes felt like a friend to KSL Newsradio host Amanda Dickson as a younger woman, but she supports a ban.
1 year ago

Opinion: Why the military cares about climate change

Since it was the first time in my memory that the senator and I had spoken on climate change, I asked for his general view. 
1 year ago

Opinion: Five Words That Changed America

We grew up watching Columbo or NYPD Blue, and now we binge Law and Order, so when a police officer begins "You have the right to remain silent," we can finish, "Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."
1 year ago

Opinion: A former Coachman’s waitress says farewell

When I read the news that Coachman's Dinner and Pancake House is closing its doors today after sixty years, the 19-year-old me said, "Good riddance!" But forty years later, is that resentment I felt still there?
1 year ago