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Ticktock: US steps closer to debt default

Robert Spendlove, senior vice president and economic and public policy officer at Zions Bank, joins the show to discuss what would happen if the federal government defaults on its debt.
17 days ago

How to spot a fake when AI is used in kidnapping and extortion schemes

Artificial intelligence has found its way into science, education, social media and much more. Now, AI has made its way into scams.
18 days ago

Are you eligible for a landscape rebate?

Only 35 of Utah’s 329 cities qualify for the landscape rebate, which pays homeowners $3 per square foot to rip out their thirsty lawns. Cynthia Bee of the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District joins the show to discuss the statewide program.
20 days ago

Riverbanks are scary unstable now, so stay back, warns safety expert

Jason Curry, director of the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation, joins the show to talk about how dangerous not only the raging rivers are now but also the banks can be deadly unstable, too.
23 days ago

Yuma mayor talks about preparing for migrants massing at border

As President Joe Biden prepares to send 1,500 troops to the southern border, the Republican mayor of Yuma, Arizona, anticipates a surge of migrants moving north as Title 42 comes to an end.
24 days ago

Advocate for homeless says SLC mayor’s budget falls (oh so) short on affordable housing

An advocate for the homeless, Wendy Garvin says Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall's budget of $10 million for affordable housing is woefully insufficient.
25 days ago

How is rising interest rate going to hike my credit card balance?

The Fed for the 10th time is expected to raise the interest rate. Dave and Debbie measure the large financial effect of raising the interest rate on a credit card from 15% to 21%.
26 days ago

Utah doctor talks about opening a conversation on men’s mental health

Dr. Richard Ferguson joins the show to talk about men's mental health.
26 days ago

Utah high school teacher is also arm-wrestling champ

A Mountain Ridge High School math and special ed teacher is also an arm wrestler. She discusses her journey from beginner to world champion.
1 month ago

Parent, district spokesman talk about closing Alpine schools

A parent and a spokesman for the Alpine School District join the show to talk about the possible closure of five schools.
1 month ago

The life expectancy gap between women and men in U.S. is growing

Dr. Richard Ferguson joins the show to talk about why the life expectancy of American boys and men is falling compared to girls and women.
1 month ago

KSL weather guru talks about trigger behind two Draper homes sliding down cliff

KSL Chief Meteorologist Kevin Eubank joins the show to talk about what triggered the landslide the destroyed two homes in Draper on Saturday.
1 month ago

Roof avalanche off cabin killed Utah man, but it’s ‘completely preventable,’ says expert

A recent roof avalanche killed a man in Brighton, but an expert in structural engineering said the tragedy was "completely preventable."
1 month ago

How to balance helping someone in crisis with protecting yourself

Should you be helping someone in crisis if a 911 emergency dispatcher tells you to stay inside your home? Utah County sheriff’s Sgt. Cannon and KSL legal analyst Greg Skordas discuss helping others, protecting yourself and Utah’s Good Samaritan law.
1 month ago

Is the new Apple savings account worth checking out? Financial adviser says yes.

Apple has entered the banking industry with a savings account with a high 4.15 percent APY -- which is head and shoulders above many competitors.
1 month ago

Black teen who knocked on wrong door shot by homeowner. Legal expert discusses case.

KSL legal analyst Greg Skordas joins the show to discuss the case of a Black teen who was shot twice by a white homeowner in his 80s in Kansas City last week.
1 month ago

Hogle Zoo conducts first-ever flood drill

Hogle Zoo in eastern Salt Lake City held its first-ever flood drill as the mayors of Salt Lake City and County issued twin states of emergency for spring flooding.
1 month ago

Pentagon leak breaks chain of trust with allies, says Utah expert

Miles Hansen from World Trade Center Utah share his insights into the leak of sensitive Pentagon documents.
2 months ago

Salt Lake City mayor talks flooding preparation and prevention

SLC Mayor Erin Mendenhall says changes have been made since the 1983 spring runoff that turned downtown State Street into a river.
2 months ago

Expert shares tips on keeping floodwater away from your home

An expert weighs in on keeping floodwater from entering your home and basement.
2 months ago

Utah fertility rate dropping, according to new report

The USU Utah Women and Leadership Project report looked at several statistics to track how and why the fertility rate in Utah has dropped.
2 months ago

Epic snow season limiting hunting permits in northern Utah

Because of the abundance of snow, hunting permits for bucks are limited in northern Utah.
2 months ago

With lots of snow and weather warming quickly, is it time to talk about flood insurance?

With all the new snow and spring temperatures coming quickly, it's time to talk flood insurance. A Utah Division of Emergency Management expert discusses.
2 months ago

Sandy plowed through its road salt budget in February

The mayor of Sandy joins the show to say because of all the snow this year the city burned through its road salt budget in February and is now $250,000 in the red.
2 months ago