Thunderstorms this weekend...
Aimee Cobabe

Thunderstorms coming to Utah, expected to last all weekend

Thunderstorms are expected to move into the Beehive State tomorrow and last all weekend long. None expected to be severe.
1 year ago
The Great Salt Lake on Wednesday. Utah researchers say the lake may end up gaining 6 feet between N...
Carter Williams,

Record snowpack likely adds 2 years to Great Salt Lake’s long-term outlook, experts say

When taking into account the typical summer loss, he projects that the lake will be about 4,192.5 feet to 4,193 feet by the end of the year, close to current levels.
1 year ago
Lindsay Aerts

Utahns breath sigh of relief on major flood risk, for now

Some relief is here when it comes to flood risk with cooler temperatures expected over the next week. But Utah's rivers are certainly not out of the woods.
1 year ago
"Stream Team" (KSL-TV)...
Dan Rascon, KSL-TV

Salt Lake City crews trade in desk work for 24/7 flood watch

The crews come from the Salt Lake City Public Utilities department and are usually working office jobs not walking along river banks.
1 year ago
The old city od Jerusalem on March 26, 2023. (Ben Winslow / FOX 13 NEWS)...
Heather May and Ben Winslow, Great Salt Lake Collaborative

Why did Utah leaders go to Israel?

Israel is one of the driest countries in the world. The country went from water scarcity to water surplus, what can Utah learn?
1 year ago
Ruth's Diner in Emigration Canyon has begun to experience some flooding, however, they remain open ...

National Weather Service issues flood warning for Emigration Creek

The National Weather Service to issue a flood warning through Thursday as Emigration Creek swelled and jumped it's bed.
1 year ago
The Mayor of Garden City, Mike Leonhardt, issued a state of emergency on April 30, due to flooding....
Waverly Golden

Garden City official declares state of emergency, due to flooding

The Mayor of Garden City, Mike Leonhardt, issued a state of emergency on April 30, due to flooding.
1 year ago
The risk of flooding is going to be front and center by the end of the weekend, as temperatures mak...
Adam Small

Utah flooding risk rising, right along with the temperatures

High temperatures are expected to reach into the 70s and 80s through the weekend and next week in Utah, adding to the flooding risk.
1 year ago
Northern lights seen in Emigration Canyon on April 24, 2023. (Bryony Richards)...

How to track the next northern lights appearance in Utah

On Sunday night, the weather phenomenon known as aurora borealis or the northern lights visited Utah, which surprised many.
1 year ago
The debris of two homes in Draper that have reportedly been evacuated for months sits at the bottom...
Curt Gresseth

KSL weather guru talks about trigger behind two Draper homes sliding down cliff

KSL Chief Meteorologist Kevin Eubank joins the show to talk about what triggered the landslide the destroyed two homes in Draper on Saturday.
1 year ago
It was an active weekend for backcountry avalanches across Utah. And the Utah Avalanche Center repo...
Randall Jeppesen

Thirteen avalanches reported in Utah’s backcountry this weekend

There were multiple avalanches over the weekend in Utah's backcountry, none of them fatal, however. And the danger for more remains.
1 year ago
To minimize flooding, the experts say the weather needs to switch between hot and cold. But, has th...
Elizabeth Weiler

What are the optimal temperatures in Utah to minimize flooding?

SALT LAKE CITY — To minimize flooding, the experts say the weather needs to switch between hot and cold. But, has the most recent cold spell lasted too long?  Every day that passes the closer we get to consistently hot weather said KSL Meteorologist Matt Johnson. He also said that’s exactly what Utah doesn’t need […]
1 year ago
From snowfall to flooding, rockfalls and landslides, Utah Geological Survey geologists have a big j...
Karah Brackin

Utah Geological Survey monitoring 100 landslide locations across the state

In 1998, 18 homes stood in what is now just open space managed by North Salt Lake. They had to go due to a landslide and the safety concerns.
1 year ago
roof avalanche...
Curt Gresseth

Roof avalanche off cabin killed Utah man, but it’s ‘completely preventable,’ says expert

A recent roof avalanche killed a man in Brighton, but an expert in structural engineering said the tragedy was "completely preventable."
1 year ago
If you noticed your car was extra filthy, it's because it rained mud Tuesday. Technically, it was d...
Lindsay Aerts

Salt Lake Valley saw mud rain Tuesday as did most of our cars

It wasn't just rain that fell on Tuesday, it was rain and dust from Utah's West Desert. In other words it was mud rain.
1 year ago
a sprinkler is show, utah drought levels have improved...
Lindsay Aerts

Despite historic snowpack, Utah’s still suffering the effects of drought

Last October, 100% of the state was experiencing drought. Now, only 35% of Utah is experiencing drought conditions. But we still need to conserve.
1 year ago
Mosquitos at a Utah lab are pictured....

Floodwaters could bring a new type of mosquito this spring, summer

This year, mosquitos are coming out of their hibernation stage with a lot more water for reproduction.
1 year ago
a home is pictured with sandbags deterring flood water...
Adam Small

Preparing your home for flooding: appliances and electricity

One expert recommends cutting off power to your house so that floodwater doesn't interact with the electricity in your home.
1 year ago
piles of sandbags pictured, utah flooding has utahns prepping...
Peter Johnston

Utah continues navigating flooding, spring runoff

Flooding in Utah is slowing down as a cold front moves in on Tuesday, but flooding season is far from over.
1 year ago
Be Ready Utah was created back in 2006 for flood control in St. George, now it proves to be more us...
Adam Small

Utah officials monitor flood risk as rain and snow storms return

A predicted storm system moved into Utah on Tuesday bringing rain to the valleys and snow to the mountains.
1 year ago
Several families meander about the Utah Capitol complex on a warm, breezy Sunday afternoon. Some ar...
Carter Williams

Long winter delays popular cherry blossoms at Utah Capitol

An official with the Utah Capitol Preservation Board said this year's delayed cherry blossoms are the latest in recent memory.
1 year ago
people are pictured working next to a mudslide...
Adam Small

Live on a bench? Be on the lookout for mudslides amid Utah spring runoff

A mudslide already forced four people in two different homes to evacuate in Mountain Green over the weekend.
1 year ago
A flood advisory remains in place for Emigration Creek, extending from Emigration Canyon down to 13...
Simone Seikaly

Emigration Creek under flood advisory, residents asked for vigilance

A flood advisory remains in place for Emigration Creek, extending from Emigration Canyon to 1300 East and 2100 South in Sugar House.
1 year ago
(Derek Petersen/KSL TV)...

Two homes evacuated due to mudslide in Morgan County

Crews from the Mountain Green Fire Protection District were called out to a home near 5500 Mountain View Drive regarding muslides.
1 year ago

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