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Susan Powell vanished on Dec. 7, 2009. Her body has never been found. From the beginning, West Valley City, Utah police suspected Susan's husband, Josh Powell, had murdered her. They never arrested him. Cold dives deep into the case files, uncovering never-before-heard details. You'll learn why Susan stayed with an abusive husband, why Josh did what he did and how the justice system failed Susan and her two boys.
September 24, 2021

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 13

Doug Lovell sent a letter to a journalist, sparking her curiosity. Candice Madsen started looking into the murder of Joyce Yost as a result of Doug's letter, which ultimately led to Cold season 2. Candice joins Amy, Sheryl and Dave Cawley to talk about the lessons they've each ta...   (00:38:06)
September 22, 2021

S2E13 Last Chance

A KSL employee receives a letter after talking about suicide prevention on the radio. It's from a man living on death row, who tells the story of how a little mouse helped him endure a period of darkness and despair. But is that inmate, Doug Lovell, telling an honest story? Or is...   (01:08:18)
September 17, 2021

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 12

Life on death row is something we don't hear much about. Our guest is former Utah State prison warden Ken Shulsen. He worked almost every job at the prison including overseeing several high-profile executions. He was once taken hostage in a prison riot. Amy and Sheryl also talk b...   (00:52:03)
September 15, 2021

S2E12 Dancing with the Devil

The disappearance of Joyce Yost has had a multi-generational impact, leaving her children and grandchildren trapped in a repeating nightmare of court hearings and appeals. Following Doug Lovell's 2015 conviction for Joyce's murder, the jury faces the question of whether or not to...   (00:57:52)
September 10, 2021

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 11

A man who defended Doug Lovell in court has a few things to say about what went down. Hosts Ann Dent and Sheryl Worsley spoke with defense attorney Mike Bouwhuis. Cold Host Dave Cawley joins the show for big moments. Talking Cold is honest and frank conversations about the issu...   (00:47:48)
September 8, 2021

S2E11 Rising Star

A turn to religion for Douglas Lovell as he heads toward trial, 30 long years after the crime. He finds sympathy and support among several people of faith, particularly bishops for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Just weeks before his trial is to begin, a man wal...   (00:58:55)
September 3, 2021

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 10

Investigators conducted five official searches for Joyce Yost's body, but came up empty. Cadaver dogs were used multiple times. Amy Donaldson and Sheryl Worsley talk with cadaver dog trainer Jayson Harames with Utah Search Dogs about the abilities and limitations of dogs in findi...   (00:41:18)
September 1, 2021

S2E10 Buyer's Remorse

The promise of returning Joyce Yost's body has fallen through, leaving Doug Lovell with a death sentence. Joyce's children continue pressing for answers about their missing mother's final resting place, while Doug embarks on a more than decade-long series of legal appeals in the ...   (01:03:54)
August 27, 2021

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 9

When a criminal defendant gets the death penalty it can feel like a life sentence to the families of the victims. Amy and Sheryl speak with Matt Hunsaker, whose mother, Maurine Hunsaker, was murdered when he was 10 years old in 1986. The ladies also speak with former capital case...   (00:50:52)
August 25, 2021

S2E9 High Fidelity

The stakes are set for Doug Lovell as he heads toward trial for the murder of Joyce Yost. The capital murder charge carries a potential sentence of death. His only leverage: returning Joyce's body to her family. Doug makes a deal as the clock winds down, promising to lead police ...   (01:06:02)
August 20, 2021

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 8

What is it like to work as a detective investigating Cold cases? Amy Donaldson and Sheryl Worsley sat down with Special Agent Brian Davis of the Utah State Bureau of Investigation and member of the state's new Cold Case Unit. He discusses what it's like to investigate a murder wh...   (00:40:25)
August 18, 2021

S2E8 Help Me, Rhonda

A reckoning comes for Doug Lovell, in the form of a capital murder charge. In a never-before-public audio recording, Sgt. Terry Carpenter confronts Doug about the murder of Joyce Yost. The walls close in and Doug turns to his confidant and co-conspirator: his ex-wife Rhonda Butta...   (00:59:20)
August 13, 2021

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 7

A prison snitch can sometimes provide vital leads about a case, but is it always reliable information? Amy Donaldson and Ann Dent talk with former Salt Lake Police chief Chris Burbank about the pros and cons of information coming from a suspected criminal. Chris currently serves ...   (00:39:37)
August 11, 2021

S2E7 Shameless

More than five years have passed since Joyce Yost disappeared. A judge declares her deceased in the eyes of the law, even without her body as evidence of a murder. South Ogden police Sgt. Terry Carpenter receives a surprise tip from a prison informant, who suggests Doug Lovell mi...   (00:53:11)
August 6, 2021

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 6

An immunity deal becomes a major development in the disappearance of Joyce Yost. Hosts Amy Donaldson and Sheryl Worsley talk with Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings about when it is and when it isn't a good idea to promise immunity. Doug Lovell got out of prison early thanks to ...   (00:46:41)
August 4, 2021

S2E6 Here We Are

A long shot lead claiming Joyce Yost had died at the hands of a satanic coven took an unexpected turn when South Ogden police Sgt. Terry Carpenter confronted Doug Lovell's ex-wife in April of 1991. Rhonda Buttars came clean to Carpenter, breaking open his investigation more than ...   (01:08:15)
July 30, 2021

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 5

Talking Cold hosts Amy Donaldson and Sheryl Worsley interview survivor and advocate Elizabeth Smart.   (00:52:29)
July 28, 2021

S2E5 Garden Variety

Doug Lovell's conviction for the rape of Joyce Yost carries a heavy penalty: 15 years-to-life in prison. With Doug safely in custody, South Ogden police turn their attention on his wife, Rhonda. The investigation stalls however, leaving the newly assigned lead detective Terry Car...   (01:06:18)
July 23, 2021

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episodes 3 & 4

Joyce Yost went to police. She pressed charges, but it wasn't an easy process. The criminal justice system aspires to ensure justice is served while protecting the rights of the accused. But for victims, it sometimes feels as though they are not being believed. It repeats the hor...   (00:37:32)
July 21, 2021

S2E4 She's Gone, Buddy

Joyce Yost has disappeared. Her daughter begs South Ogden police to begin a search, but help is slow in coming. Detectives find nothing out of place in Joyce's apartment, but they miss a major clue suggesting an act of violence occurred right on Joyce's own bed. In Joyce's absenc...   (01:05:34)
July 21, 2021

S2E3 Nightmare on Top of a Nightmare

Doug Lovell turns to some old friends in the hopes of silencing Joyce Yost before she can testify. Joyce takes the stand at a preliminary hearing and tells the story of her sexual assault. Through a series of missteps and miscommunications, Lovell repeatedly slips through the fin...   (01:03:34)
April 16, 2021

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 2

Joyce Yost was followed home, threatened and raped by someone she didn't know, the rarest type of sexual assault. Despite being terrified, Joyce reluctantly reported to police. Hosts Amy Donaldson and Sheryl Worsley speak with Sonya Martinez-Ortiz, Executive Director of the Rape...   (00:52:50)
April 14, 2021

S2E2 A Case of Rape

Content advisory: This episode includes discussion of rape and sexual assault. A confrontation in the carport followed by an assault from a stranger. Joyce Yost survives a terrifying attack. Then, with some reluctance, she reports what had happened to the police. Detective Bill ...   (01:08:20)
April 9, 2021

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 1

Talking Cold is honest and frank conversations about the issues brought forward in the latest episode of the Cold podcast. We begin with Cold season 2: Justice for Joyce. Join hosts Amy Donaldson, Ann Dent and Sheryl Worsley as they talk about weighty issues like sexual assault, ...   (00:44:49)
April 7, 2021

S2E1 The Type that Sends Roses

Our story begins with a barrage of bouquets, dozens of unsolicited yellow roses sent by a mysterious male admirer. We then meet a young Joyce Yost in Minnesota and follow her path to Utah. At the same time, a young man named Douglas Lovell finds himself on the wrong side of the l...   (01:08:30)
April 7, 2021

S2E0 Prelude: Corpus Delicti

Josh Powell became a murder suspect when his wife Susan Powell disappeared from their home in West Valley City, Utah on December 7, 2009. Police have never located Susan's body. Prosecutors never charged Josh with a crime, in spite of a large body of circumstantial evidence. Many...   (00:07:30)
March 24, 2021

Cold season 2: Justice for Joyce Yost

Introducing Cold season 2: Justice for Joyce Yost. Joyce Yost had never met the man who followed her home on an April night in 1985, who kidnapped and raped her. He threatened to kill her, but she went to police anyway. Then, she vanished. Joyce has never been found. Now, invest...   (00:02:45)
December 5, 2018

S1E4 Find Susan

Josh and Susan Powell's daycare provider, Debbie Caldwell, sounded an alarm when the couple's boys, Charlie and Braden Powell, failed to arrive at her home on the morning of Monday, Dec. 7, 2009. West Valley City police detective Ellis Maxwell drew the assignment of locating the ...   (01:00:48)
November 28, 2018

S1E3 Faith and Finances

Susan Powell feared for her life. She braced for divorce as her marriage to Josh Powell reached its lowest point in 2008, but worried how he would react. She even wrote a secret last will and testament that said, "If I die, it may not be an accident, even if it looks like one." J...   (00:58:22)
November 21, 2018

S1E2 Wake Up, Little Susie

Susan Cox married Josh Powell after only 6 months of courtship. She immediately found herself under the lens of her father-in-law Steven Powell's video camera. The camcorder even captured Steve's confession of love for his daughter-in-law Susan Powell in July of 2013. She rejecte...   (01:04:33)
November 14, 2018

S1E1 To All the Girls I've Loved Before

Josh Powell believed in his own greatness from at least age 5. So why wouldn't any girls date him? Why did his only other serious girlfriend before Susan Cox run away in fear? Perhaps because he inherited some of his father Steven Powell's bizarre beliefs about relationships and ...   (01:01:48)
November 8, 2018

S1E0 Prelude

Susan Powell vanished from her home in West Valley City, Utah on a cold December day in 2009. Her husband, Josh Powell had taken the couple's two sons out camping in a blizzard. He claimed to have no idea where his wife had gone. Susan has never been found. Josh was never arreste...   (00:07:14)