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  • Education

    Week-long OWL Camp teaches kids about STEM, through Harry Potter

    WEST JORDAN, Utah — The Salt Lake County Library is hosting its popular OWL Camp this week. It’s a STEM summer camp that uses the fandom of Harry Potter to get students more exposure to science. The line of kids stretched along the sidewalk before the Viridian Event Center at 8 in the morning Monday. […]
  • Recreation

    Be on the lookout for cyanobacteria on Utah waters

    While you’re enjoying Utah’s lakes, rivers and streams this summer, the Division of Water Quality wants you to look out for cyanobacteria.
  • Technology

    U., Salt Lake to become living lab for wireless, mobile testing

    The future of wireless and mobile technology may be found by using Salt Lake City and the University of Utah as a huge test site, with the creation of a new "living laboratory."
  • Utah

    New device clears trash out of the Jordan River

    Salt Lake County and conservation experts believe a new trash boom can go a long way toward cleaning up the trash floating in the Jordan River. They hope removing the junk and preventing it from reaching the Great Salt Lake will improve conditions for waterfowl.
  • Utah

    Utah Scientists Use Famous Arches’ “Songs” To Bring The Rock To Life

    SALT LAKE CITY — It started out as a project to measure how quickly Utah’s arches are crumbling, but along the way Utah scientists caught the rocks…singing. ​​​ ​​ Jeff Moore, Assistant Professor of geology and geophysics at the University of Utah, said they measured the vibrations of famous arches to try and determine what how […]
  • Health

    FDA cracking down on some homeopathy companies

    Authorities say it’s good to hear that the Food and Drug Administration will start looking more closely at homeopathic products. Babies were having seizures from certain homeopathic teething tablets. Other people were finding that their product or treatment was really just an expensive vial of water. There’s also the worry about contamination “Right now, FDA […]
  • Science

    Scientists turn to crowdfunding to continue research on Utah’s own dinosaur

    UTAH — A paleontology team has turned to crowdfunding to continue their research after cuts stalled their project for several years. Dr. Jim Kirkland, State Paleontologist of Utah, said the bones were actually found back in 2004 but it took years for scientists to realize just how monumental they were. Dr. Jim Kirkland, who named […]
  • Utah

    Utah middle schoolers invent device to prevent bird strikes

    SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — A group of four Utah tweens is getting nationally recognized for inventing a device to keep away birds from planes. Bird strikes have been happening for years – there were more than 200 in 2015 at Salt Lake International — but after learning about “The Miracle on the Hudson,” the […]