sleigh rides in utah are pictured, a horse drawn sleigh is pictured...
Alejandro Lucero

Utah DWR offering horse-drawn sleigh and wagon rides for the first time in two years

Sleigh rides in Utah have been on pause for the last two years at the Hardware Wildlife Management Area, but they're finally back.
12 days ago
a woman rides her e-bike, e-bikes are now banned in certain wildlife areas in Utah...
Samantha Herrera

DWR reminding Utahns that some e-bikes are banned in wildlife management areas

Class 2 and Class 3 e-bikes are now banned in waterfowl and wildlife management areas across the state after a new rule took effect this month.
13 days ago
controlled burns...
Elizabeth Weiler

Controlled burns happening across the state, officials advise

Across Utah controlled burns are occurring with piles of burning brush. Before reporting a wildfire, confirm that it isn't a controlled burn.
13 days ago
Image of the cows who were hit by cars after walking onto highway 13 in Tremonton (Photo courtesy o...
Chandler Holt

Cows on highway cause multiple accidents

Several cows found themselves on Highway 13 Saturday morning. It is unknown at this time where the cows came from or who they are owned by.
22 days ago
As Antarctica's emperor penguins are increasingly threatened by the climate crisis, the flightless ...
Ashley Strickland, CNN

Antarctica’s emperor penguins at risk of extinction due to the climate crisis

As Antarctica's emperor penguins are increasingly threatened by the climate crisis, the flightless seabirds will receive new protections under the Endangered Species Act, or ESA.
29 days ago
How does the Utah Hogle Zoo transport animals during a fire?...
Waverly Golden

How does the Hogle Zoo move animals during a fire

The Hogle Zoo holds fire drills periodically in case the real thing occurs, but how does the zoo move animals during a fire?
30 days ago
honey bees electricity...
Hafsa Khalil, CNN

Honeybees produce as much electricity as a thunderstorm, study shows

Honey bees create an electric charge during flight as a result of friction in the air. The size of the charge varies between species.
1 month ago
There could be some changes coming to elk hunting in the state....
Mark Jones

New Elk Management Plan being proposed by DWR

A new 10-year Elk Management Plan is being proposed by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.
1 month ago
A grizzly bear in the snow...
Adam Small

Recent bear attacks have Utah wildlife officials urging preparedness and caution

Humans and bears can coexist in the wild if humans are prepared, conscientious about food practices, and maintain a healthy fear of the animals.
1 month ago
FILE: Bull elk in Utah's mountains. (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)...
Elizabeth Weiler

DWR is asking for help from Utahns in new poaching investigation

Two bull elk were shot, killed and wasted in Sevier County on two different occasions, Oct. 8 and Oct. 12.
1 month ago
(Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)...
Samantha Herrera

DWR gives tips on how to avoid hitting deer on the road this fall

The DWR said because of more low-visibility hours after daylight saving time, it's more likely that drivers will encounter wildlife on the road.
1 month ago
Bull Elk...
Elizabeth Weiler

11 Utahns to be chosen for special hunting permit

Utahns will be able to hunt specific species if they win this wildlife hunting permit. The permit allows a chance unavailable to others.
2 months ago
Three deer are pictured, aggressive deer have wildlife officials giving warnings...
Adam Small

Aggressive deer encounters have wildlife officials encouraging caution

Aggressive deer have wildlife officials giving safety tips on managing encounters with wild animals. Officials say, to keep your distance.
2 months ago
Tree Utah volunteers plant a tree...
Waverly Golden

Tree Utah restoration planting planned for Redwood Nature Area

This upcoming weekend, Tree Utah and volunteers are restoring the Redwood Nature Area.
2 months ago
A rock squirrel at zion national park, they are the focus of fat squirrel week...
Becky Bruce and Samantha Herrera

Zion National Park announces Fat Squirrel Week… it might not be what you think

Fat Squirrel Week at Zion National Park aims to bring awareness about not feeding the local critters. The park says to pack out what you pack in.
2 months ago
Mark Jones

DWR officials taking steps to protect California condors

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is offering prizes to hunters in the Zion hunting unit to help reduce lead poisoning of the endangered California condors.
2 months ago
Mosquitos at a Utah lab are pictured....
Britt Johnson

Uptick in mosquitos in Utah caused by recent weather and temperatures

Mosquitos in Utah have seen a growth in population thanks to recent weather. While aggressive, they are not the disease-carrying breed.
2 months ago
chronic wasting Utah...
Adam Small

DWR wants to test deer kills for chronic wasting disease

Though chronic wasting disease isn't prevalent in Utah animals, wildlife officials say they want to keep ahead of potential problems.
2 months ago
DWR law enforcement truck pictured. The Utah DWR will use drones to help with wildlife management...
Britt Johnson and Elizabeth Weiler

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources launches new drone law enforcement team

Utah has created its new drone law enforcement team, designed to get a better look at wildlife crimes like poaching and trespassing. 
2 months ago
Family of beavers released in Carters Creek...
Aubri Wuthrich

Beavers rescued and released in Uintas to rebuild Carter Creek

A family of beavers was relocated with the hope that they will repopulate a formerly thriving beaver habitat.
2 months ago
parking lot...
Chris Jacobs

Dog attacks girl in Macey’s parking lot

A teenage Macy's employee was attacked by a dog in the parking lot. A bystander stepped in a shot the dog.
2 months ago
fish unwanted utah...
Simone Seikaly

Don’t dump unwanted fish into ponds, streams or lakes say Utah officials

unwanted fish left in ponds and lakes can prey on and outcompete native species, including endangered fish. And they can introduce disease.
3 months ago
Deer creek algae...
Alejandro Lucero

Professor receives $3 million grant to study algae blooms

The research of harmful algae blooms will take place at Utah Lake, Zion National Park and areas near the California-Nevada border
3 months ago
Image of sun spider, which some in southern Utah may be confusing for scorpions. (Canva)...
Alejandro Lucero

They’re sun spiders not scorpions says local expert

Sun spiders have ten legs, whereas the scorpion has eight. Still, a Utah expert isn't surprised about the confusion.
3 months ago

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