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Alexandra Demille, Emerson Elementary

“I am a preschool teacher in Salt Lake City and due to the never-ending changes and uncertainty happening this year our center opened a kindergarten readiness class for our recently graduated preschoolers. I was extremely nervous about leading this classroom and was expecting a lot of the chaos that I had been hearing about from parents of other online students. However, from the very first day Miss. Alex was enthusiastic, patient, and a huge support for her students and for those helping the children with their online learning. Miss. Alex has proven to be adaptable when things don’t go as planned and always has an upbeat attitude no matter how the day is going. She takes the time to greet every child as an individual and always has fun and engaging activities planned.

From one educator to another, I am in complete awe of Miss. Alex’s dedication to her students and would like to see her honored. 

Submitted by: Shannon Dossett

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