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Allison Pfister – Quest Academy

Mrs. Pfister is all about family – the students in her class become family by being there every day for one another. After my daughter was diagnosed with a very loud vocal tic she took the motto ‘we are family’ to heart. My daughter was worried about being in school because it can be disruptive but Mrs. Pfister and her family of classmates helped her realize with love and support of your school family and home family doesn’t mean you have to hide or be ashamed to be in school and participate in every aspect of school. My daughter has an amazing attitude about her tic and I am so grateful for a teacher who helps her rock her tic at school as well. Her school family has had the opportunity to show support and stand up to others including substitute teachers educating them about tic disorders and the fact it is uncontrollable. Mrs. Pfister deserves to be acknowledged for her hard work, dedication and mostly love she shows your students. Love is what educates these students needs more than academics.

–Beckie Eastman