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Amber Ard – Eagle Gate College

Miss Amber Ard is a Librarian at Eagle Gate College; who also volunteers her time and knowledge to help Adult students with tutoring of General Ed classes.

As part of my general education requirements in my program, in the summer of 2010, I was enrolled in an Algebra I class online, and I put in over 6 Hours daily trying to make it through and still failed.

After expressing my anger and frustration over the online material and support that was provided for the class, to make it worse, I was re-enrolled in the winter term of 2010 to re take the class online again.

Thanks to Miss Amber this time, with her help in tutoring me twice a week for only an hour each session, I was able to complete all my assignments on time, pass all my quizzes, and post the discussion board and still have time to spend time with my family and have a normal life.

I am so grateful for Miss Amber in all the time and effort she put in to help me with this tough subject. I nominate Miss Amber for KSL teacher feature of the week.

Thank you KSL and Zion’s bank for sponsoring this program, and I ask for your support in showing my appreciation to Miss Amber for the work she has done for me to make it possible, I can’t think of any better way to show my appreciation and then to let the world know what a great teacher and asset Miss Amber is to the world.


D. Eftin

Senior Student